With Former Leader Gone, Sudan to Benefit From Ties With Israel – Scholar

Sudan has become tired of its previous regime that had encouraged extremism and pushed the country towards an economic abyss, says a Cairo-based expert. Now the situation is changing, as Sudan’s public together with the country’s politicians are ready to embrace Israel, which could pave Khartoum’s way to financial assistance from Washington.

israel and Sudan are now discussing the possibility of establishing diplomatic ties, after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu concluded his one day trip to Uganda thanking the African country’s president for the efforts he made in mediating between the Jewish state and African nations.

Unlike South Sudan, with which Tel Aviv established diplomatic relations in 2011 after its split from its northern neighbour, Khartoum has never had any ties with the Jewish state.

Indeed, israel has always regarded Sudan as an “enemy state” not only because the country, under its former leader Omar Al Bashir, gave shelter to Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden but also because Khartoum was vocal in its support for the Palestinian cause.

But behind the scenes Sudan has been negotiating with Tel Aviv for quite some time now, says Dr Hani Raslan, an expert on Sudan at Al Ahram Center for Political and Strategic Studies in Cairo.

“Under Bashir, the relations were maintained but on a much lower level. Now, however, with the interim government in place, ties have been upgraded with the president taking the lead in the talks”.

Road to the Whitehouse

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