Third Arctic Air Power Seminar welcomes international attendees

Members of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), the United States Department of Defense and other partners met at 5 Wing Goose Bay, Labrador, from January 20 to  22, 2020, to discuss the challenges of operating in extreme cold weather conditions.

The meeting, known as the Arctic Air Power Seminar, was the third in a series, and focused on runways and on landing strips maintained for aircraft on skis, as well as techniques to rapidly repair unforeseen damage to an airfield, and enable smooth and continuous air operations in the unforgiving Arctic environment.

“We are seeking enhanced cold-weather capabilities that can be used when needed to support Canadian priorities,” said United States Air Force Brigadier General Ed Vaughan, Deputy Commander Canadian NORAD Region and deputy Combined/Joint Forces Air Component commander for 1 Canadian Air Division. “Our goal is to build relationships, share ideas, and catalyze innovation with our partners.”

“These seminars help fill in gaps in knowledge and connections that result in accelerating solutions to practical problems,” he said. “Some of the most talented people I’ve met are involved in shaping our solutions.”

The challenges to which Brigadier General Vaughan alludes relate to factors such as climate change; fostering better alignment with indigenous community priorities; supporting and enabling a sparse population and work force; and logistical hurdles, including fuel, communications, food, supplies, and…

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