India To Get Military Commands In 3 Years, Biggest Restructuring Ever

Preliminary discussions have been held between the Chief of Defence Staff and the three service chiefs

New Delhi:

In three years from now, India will begin operationalising Military Commands which integrate the operations of the Army, Air Force and Navy, in the biggest restructuring in India’s military history.

In a select briefing, his first since he took over as India’s first Chief of Defence Staff, General Bipin Rawat said it was his goal to “develop the services as an armed force,” integrating capabilities, logistics and manpower within the new Military Commands. The goal is to bring down expenses, rationalise manpower and ensure that the armed forces fight as a cohesive unit.

While the number of commands has not been finalised, the Chief of Defence Staff is looking at the creation of proposals which would result in the creation of a Western Theatre Command, and at least one Northern Theatre Command. An Eastern Theatre Command would likely cover the border areas along the China frontier. The exact number of these Theatre Commands has still not been decided.  

In addition to Commands which cover the land frontier against Pakistan and China, India would also have a Peninsula Command , an Air Defence Command and Space Command and a multi-service Logistics Command and Training Command.  

Each Theatre Command would have an integral Air Force element and depending on the nature of the requirement, additional aircraft could be deployed.  

Significant cost cutting…

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