Donald Trump Well Aware of ‘Tic Tac UFO’, Ex-US Air Force Intelligence Pro Claims


The epic of the extraordinarily-shaped “alien spacecraft” has excited audiences since 14 November 2004, when pilots of the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group reported the first encounter, with more alleged sightings soaking into the media in the years after.

Donald Trump personally knows about the so-called “Tic Tac alien craft”, it has been claimed in a sensational revelation, with former United States Air Force intelligence expert Mike Turber outlining the details on the Hidden Truth Show with Jim Breslo.

According to the expert, the craft, unrivalled in terms of speed, was even exploited for a cause in connection with North Korea and its nuclear programme – more specifically, it is alleged to have been deployed by the US military as a demonstration of power to the DPRK and its leader Kim Jong-un.

“The exact details are super-classified but he [Kim Jong-un] was made aware that the craft would show up which was where he was staying”, Turber claimed, trying to picture what POTUS might have said when allegedly notifying the North Korean leader about the deployment:

“Hey look out of your window, I want to show you something”.

According to the expert, the alleged demonstration must have had at least some short-term effect on Kim, who then moved to temporarily suspend missile tests.

“As far as I know, it made the talks with Trump more conclusive and there were no more rocket launches around that time”, Turber rounded off.


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