Boris Fight Fire With Fire

Well done to the coppers who blew away Sudesh Amman and undoubtedly stopped him from killing and maiming more innocents this weekend.

However, there are many more questions than answers in this disturbing event and number one is why are the UK establishment still playing Russian roulette with all of our lives as they tread on egg shells around Islamist terror?

If it is true that there were at least 25 undercover cops watching this man’s every move and that he was considered to be one of the top ten terrorist threats in the country, then why on earth was he out on the streets? Even more worrying is the fact that he was and is not alone.

Sudesh Amman is only one of 74 Islamist sympathisers who have been released on licen

ce under the automatic early release scheme.

“Nice polite boy” clap trap

According to security experts, MI5 and the police are monitoring at least 20 jihadi extremists on a daily basis in a bid to keep our streets safe. They should all be under lock and key, not free.

You don’t need me to remind you that Usman Khan, who stabbed two people to death and injured three more in the London Bridge attack in November, was also released early despite the Judge saying he should never be out on the streets again.

I welcome the fact that Boris and Pritti Patel are introducing emergency legislation to end this nonsense of terrorists and their sympathisers getting automatic release after serving only half of their sentence.  But his proposals don’t go far…

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