‘Right Thing to Do’: Norwegian Right-Wingers Leave Government Over Jihadi Widow’s Repatriation


The 29-year-old Pakistani-Norwegian Daesh widow had been living in the Middle East since 2013. Her repatriation has had a significant impact on Norway’s ruling centre-right coalition.

After six years and nearly two months in the Norwegian government, the Progress Party has called it quits after a debacle involving a Pakistani-Norwegian Daesh* widow and her two children.

Earlier, Progress Party leader Siv Jensen called the surprise decision to repatriate the 29-year-old woman because one of her children was reportedly sick, “the last straw” and pledged to present a list of demands for her party’s continued support of the government.

Today Monday, Jensen decided to bow out, suggesting that a further stay in the government would not offset the party’s losses.

“I took the Progress Party into government, now I take out again. I do it because it’s the only right thing to do. We simply don’t get enough of our policy to offset further losses. Overall, there is no longer any basis for the Progress Party to stay. Therefore, I have today notified the Prime Minister that there is no basis for presenting a list of requirements either”, Jensen said, as quoted by national broadcaster NRK.

Jensen voiced her pride over her party’s accomplishments in government, especially during the part of the reign when the power coalition only consisted of Progress and the Conservatives. Following the inclusion of the Liberals and the…

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