‘Sabre-Rattling’: EU Trade Commissioner Dubs Trump Threat a ‘Bluff’ to Deprive UK of US Intelligence Over Huawei Row


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is reportedly facing pressure on whether to allow Huawei access to the country’s 5G network. Johnson earlier stated that allowing the Chinese tech giant access could pose a national security risk. However, the prime minister was spotted last year using a Huawei cellphone to snap a photo.

During a recent news conference EU trade commissioner Phil Hogan was asked how he felt about the threat by the Trump administration that the UK would lose access to US intelligence and counter-terrorism information if London did not “fall into line” and bloc the Chinese company from its cellular network.

“I think that is a bit of sabre-rattling. I don’t think that will actually happen […] We can call [Trump’s] bluff on that one [the US laying down conditions over Huawei]”, Hogan said, cited by The Guardian.

In a satellite-linked interview at a Global Counsel trade conference in London with the former EU trade commissioner, Peter Mandelson, Hogan argued that the EU did not object to Huawei operating in Europe.

According to Hogan, cited by The Guardian, Europe would take its own approach, adding that the best way would be to “develop criteria in which people can trade fairly. We can’t say to Huawei: ‘you cannot come into the EU’, that’s not what we want. We don’t subscribe to the view that whatever you do you block Huawei […] If they actually implement the rules of the game […] all…

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