‘Madness’: US Reportedly Warns UK of Intelligence-Sharing Risk of Using Huawei in 5G Networks

Ahead of the looming decision by the British government on whether to allow Huawei to build up the infrastructure for its next-generation mobile networks, the head of MI5, Andrew Parker, said over the weekend that he saw “no reason to think” that using the Chinese tech giant’s technology should threaten intelligence sharing with the US.

British ministers have been told by Washington that allowing Huawei technology access to UK 5G networks would jeopardise the allies’ intelligence sharing, writes The Guardian.

A visiting delegation led by US President Donald Trump’s deputy national security advisor, Matt Pottinger, presented a dossier on Monday, 13 January, which they asserted contained compelling new proof of the security risks of relying on Huawei technology in future phone networks. In light of this evidence, they are believed to have underscored that granting the Chinese company access would be “nothing short of madness”.

The delegation reportedly claimed that Chinese spies, allegedly employed by the People’s Liberation Army, also worked for Huawei, adding that the firm “had played a role” in supporting the “re-education camps” for the country’s Muslim Uighur minority.

It is reported that the six-member team of US officials, that also included Chris Ford, an assistant secretary in the US State Department, and Robert Blair, special envoy for international telecoms, would not reveal the details of the “relatively recent information” they…

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