Prison Terror Suspect Held ‘Sharia Courts’ in Cell to ‘Recruit’ Fellow Inmates For Jihad – Report


While shocking, the latest development comes as little surprise to those who have been warning for years that large parts of Britain’s prison system is at risk of being overrun by violent inmates sympathetic toward the idea of jihad.

A convicted jihadist who stands accused of carrying out an in-prison terrorist attack had a more sinister history than had previously been reported, including holding “Sharia courts” in his cell to manipulate Muslim inmates, according to new revelations by The Telegraph.

24-year-old Brusthom Ziamani along with another radicalised prisoner allegedly used makeshift knives to attack members of staff at HMP Whitemoor on the morning of Thursday, 9 January – an event that police are now treating as a “terrorist incident”.

The pair of jihadists were reported to have slashed and stabbed at four prison officers using the sharp weapons that they had managed to create behind bars. One of the prison officers is said to have sustained stab wounds to his head, face and chest. The two terrorists were also wearing fake suicide bomb belts that they had also made in their prison cells. According to The Telegraph, the pair shouted “Allahu Akbar” while carrying out their blood-thirsty attack.

Eventually, the terrorist inmates were restrained by members of staff, which put an end to their violent rampage.

However, the behaviour didn’t only stop at physical attacks. The Telegraph was informed by a “white British…

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