Iran Puppet Master: Mike Pompeo Talked Trump Into Killing Soleimani – Reports

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Mike Pompeo has reportedly long cherished plans to take the Iranian general off the Middle East battlefield, as he is said to have for quite a while seen late Commander Soleimani as the one behind the spiralling tensions with Tehran.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been revealed to be the puppet master behind POTUS Trump’s motion to liquidate a top Iranian commander, CNN reported citing sources inside and around the White House, with the revelation indicating Pompeo’s influential status in the Trump administration.

According to several sources, taking Iranian General Qasem Soleimani – the leader of the elite Quds Force, a powerful military group with vast leverage in the region –  “off the battlefield” has been Pompeo’s goal for a decade.

Pompeo “was the one who made the case to take out Soleimani, it was him absolutely”, a source said, adding he apparently floated the idea when debating the US Embassy raid over New Year with Trump.

According to a number of sources close to Pompeo, the secretary of state has at all times believed that Iran is the root cause of the woes in the Middle East, and Soleimani in particular  – the mastermind of terrorism raging across the region. This point of view is notably in tune with how Pompeo commented on the commander’s assassination:

“We took a bad guy off the battlefield”, Pompeo told CNN on 5 January. “We made the right decision”. The same day, Pompeo told ABC…

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