Lebanon protests: Video sparks fresh clashes in Beirut

Young Shia Muslim men clashed with police in Lebanon’s capital overnight, after a video emerged that purportedly insults religious figures they revere.

The youths, reportedly supporters of the Hezbollah and Amal movements, set cars ablaze and threw stones and fireworks at police, who used tear gas and water cannon to disperse them.

It was the third consecutive night of violence in Beirut.

Anti-government demonstrators clashed with police on Saturday and Sunday.

Dozens of people have been injured in some of the worst violence seen since protests demanding a complete overhaul of the political system began in October.

The UN envoy to Lebanon called on Monday for an investigation into the alleged use of excessive force by security personnel and warned that further postponing a political solution to the crisis would “create a fertile ground for provocations”.

The latest violence came hours after President Michel Aoun delayed until Thursday formal consultations with parliamentary blocs on who to name as prime minister.

Saad Hariri resigned seven weeks ago in response to the protests, but talks on a replacement have been deadlocked.

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Monday’s clashes came after consultations on a new prime…

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