Trump Reiterates ‘We Keep the Oil’ in Syria Mantra, Says US Can Do With Fuel ‘What We Want’

In October, President Donald Trump, who previously announced his intention to withdraw all US forces from northeastern Syria, said that some American troops would remain there to “guard oil” from Daesh* militants.

During a NATO meeting in London on Tuesday, President Donald Trump reiterated his “we keep the oil” mantra in light of the US troops’ withdrawal from northern Syria ahead of a Turkish military operation against Kurdish forces in the area in October.

“We left their border. We’ve been on their border long enough. They’re doing just fine on their border. We kept the oil. I kept the oil”, Trump said referring to oil fields inside Syria’s northeast.  

He blamed Daesh for trying to gain control of the oil there, claiming that the US has “the control of the oil” and that “the only soldiers that we have are the soldiers keeping the oil.”

“We have the oil, and we can do with the oil what we want,” Trump said.

The statement comes a few days after he reiterated his earlier statements regarding Washington’s control of Syria’s oil fields, repeating the formula that the US should “keep the oil” at least six times in less than a minute during a speech during a surprise visit to Afghanistan.

“We also started leaving [Syria] because it’s secure, but we didn’t leave totally – we kept the oil. Makes sense, right?” Trump, in particular, said. 

The similar claims were made by the US President during his meeting with Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip…

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