Corbyn Vows to Confront Trump at NATO Summit in Buckingham Palace


The Labour Party has launched a barrage of attacks against Prime Minister Boris Johnson, accusing him of putting the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) on the table during post-Brexit trade negotiations.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn vowed to confront US President Donald Trump during a NATO reception on Tuesday over concerns about the future of the UK’s National Health Service (NHS).

While speaking with BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine, Mr Corbyn said he planned to challenge the president over alleged plans to privatise the NHS as part of a future UK-US trade deal during the reception at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday evening. 

During the interview he said he would tell Mr Trump:

”Welcome to this country. I hope you’ll understand how precious our national health service is, and in any future trade relationship with the USA, none of our public services are on the table, none of our public services are for sale and investor state protection is not acceptable to our government when we’ve won this election.”

If Trump agrees, Corbyn said he would “say thank you very much, I assume that will be the basis of your administration’s talks with our department of trade.”

When asked why he would not be boycotting the event, as he refused to attend the dinner at Buckingham Palace during the president’s state visit in June, he said:

“I didn’t go to the banquet because we were not in favour of a state visit. This is a visit because of the NATO summit that’s…

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