NATO Military Spending Approved: US to Pay Less, Germany to Pay More – Stoltenberg

CNN cited unnamed Pentagon officials as saying that the White House wants to cut payments to NATO to about 16% of the total contributions to the alliance, which almost puts the country on a par with Germany.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has stated that the alliance approved a new scheme for calculating contributions to its total budget.

“It’s true that we have agreed with the new formula for the distribution of these costs [in NATO’s common budget], with the US due to pay less and Germany expected to pay more. Each of these countries will pay almost 16% of the NATO budget, and the rest will be distributed among other allies”, Stoltenberg told reporters in Paris on Thursday.

Separately, the NATO chief pledged further modernization of the “strong” alliance, also reiterating his recent remarks that the EU is unable to defend Europe on its own.

“The EU is important, but it cannot defend Europe,” Stoltenberg said earlier this month after French President Emmanuel Macron claimed that NATO is experiencing “brain death”.

The Thursday statement comes after CNN cited unnamed US Department of Defence sources as saying that the White House had decided to cut its contributions of direct funding for NATO, hoping that other countries will fill the gap in the budget of the alliance.

The sources claimed that the US plans to slash its payments to NATO to about 16% of total contributions to the alliance, which actually puts the country on par with Germany,…

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