IRGC Chief Warns Iran Will ‘Defeat Enemies at Any Scale’ if They Continue Their Hostile Actions

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The warning comes a few days after Hossein Salami pledged that the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps would obliterate the US, israel and Saudi Arabia if they cross what he described as Tehran’s red lines.

Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) chief commander Hossein Salami has issued another warning to Iran’s ‘enemies’, vowing that the Islamic Republic would immediately retaliate against their possible unfriendly steps.

“Enemies should be careful because the Iranian nation is great, strong and resistant; we tell America, England, Israel, and their allies that you would receive a response if you continue your hostile actions … the Iranian nation defeats enemies at any scale,” Salami told a gathering of the Basij militia in Hamedan province on Thursday.

He also praised Iran for preventing efforts to isolate the Islamic Republic, adding that enemies are now ‘confused’ and losing their political clout.

The remarks were the latest in a series of warnings to Iranian adversaries that the IRGC commanders have made in the past few months.

Earlier this week, Salami pledged that the IRGC would destroy the US, israel and Saudi Arabia if they cross Tehran’s “red lines”, a statement that was preceded by IRGC Navy Commander Ali Reza Tangsiri warning in October that “bitter fate” is in store for any country that encroaches on Iran’s sea border.

This was preceded by IRGC Aerospace Force…

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