Colonel faces Court of Inquiry over allegations of ‘affair’ with woman Major

The Colonel belongs to the Army Service Corps (ASC)

Acting on the complaint of the wife of a Colonel serving in Bathinda, the Army has ordered a Court of Inquiry to look into allegations that he has been having an ‘affair’ with a woman Major who was earlier serving under his command.

The Colonel belongs to the Army Service Corps (ASC) and the allegations against him had first been levelled after he had relinquished command of his battalion in Rajouri.

It has been alleged that he was having an affair with the woman Major posted in his unit while he was commanding it. An inquiry had been ordered against him at that time too by HQs 16 Corps but he had not been found blameworthy.

Aggrieved by the conclusion of that inquiry, the wife of the Colonel had complained to the Prime Ministers Office, Defence Ministers Office, the Chief of Army Staff among others demanding a full fledged Court of Inquiry against her husband.

Army sources say that it was as a result of the complaint made to the Defence Minister, Rajnath Singh, that a new inquiry has now been ordered. Speaking to The Indian Express, the father of the complainant, Pal Singh, said that the first inquiry had not even bothered to call his daughter as a witness even though she was the complainant.

Sources also say that the Colonel who has been accused of the misdemeanor is also pursuing a divorce case against his wife in Patiala House court in New Delhi.

The inquiry in Bathinda is being presided upon by…

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