‘Still Here’: US Navy Chief Denies Resigning Amid Spat With Trump Over SEAL Case


Trump’s decision to pardon several servicemen accused of war crimes has already caused a stir among some people in the US military and his most recent move to intervene in the SEAL status review process can only complicate the situation.

US Navy Secretary Richard Spencer has officially denied rumours that he has threatened to resign if President Donald Trump decides to terminate the review process for the SEAL status of Edward Gallagher, a chief petty officer who was recently pardoned by POTUS of his misconduct during deployment.

“Contrary to popular belief, I am still here. I did not threaten to resign”, he stated.

His alleged plans to resign were reported by The New York Times, citing unnamed administration officials. The report came in the wake of Spencer’s comment that he wants to conduct a panel review of Gallagher’s SEAL status despite POTUS making statements on Twitter that he would not allow the Navy to take away the serviceman’s Trident Pin – a symbol of being a SEAL.

At the same time, the Navy chief admitted that the military would have to abide by Trump’s decision if he opts to defend Gallagher’s SEAL status. He noted, though, that a Twitter post can’t be considered an official order and therefore plans to hold a panel review of Gallagher’s case remain in force.

“I believe the process matters for good order and discipline. If the president requests to stop the process, the process stops. Good order and discipline is also obeying orders…

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