Netanyahu Warns of ‘Additional Attacks’ by Iran as US Boosts Military Presence in Gulf

Previously, the commander of the American forces in the Middle East, General Kenneth McKenzie, made similar claims, arguing that this would go in line with Iran’s alleged chosen “trajectory”, calling the Islamic Republic a “bully in the neighbourhood”.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu claimed during his speech at the opening of a Cabinet meeting on 24 November that Iran is planning “additional attacks”, not only against neighbouring countries, but on its own citizens.

The politician didn’t elaborate further on his claims, including which countries are likely to be affected. Instead, he called on the international community to unite in order to put pressure on Iran, which he labelled the “largest terrorist regime in the world”.

“I call on all countries around the world that want to achieve peace in our region, and throughout the world in general, to join in the effort and apply more and more pressure on Iran and additionally, to support Israel as it takes action against this aggression”, he stated.

Speaking about Iran’s alleged attacks on its own citizens, Netanyahu apparently referred to unconfirmed reports by the NGO Amnesty International claiming that over 100 people have been killed in the fuel protests that have been rocking the Islamic Republic. Tehran has reported that only one civilian has been killed during the rallies.

Netanyahu’s comments came in response to the statements by commander of the US forces in the Middle East General Kenneth McKenzie, who…

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