‘Grey Zone’: Cooperation Between Jihadists, Criminals Behind Spate of Blasts, Swedish Analyst Claims


Senior analyst Henrik Häggström, who previously compared Sweden to Afghanistan when it comes to the number of explosions in the country, said it was approaching a grey zone between peace and war.

Closer cooperation between organised crime and Islamist jihadists is one of the reasons for the increased number of explosions in Sweden. The groups often overlap and it becomes increasingly difficult to separate them, Swedish Defence College senior analyst Henrik Häggström, who specialises in military threats, terrorism, and extremism, told the news outlet Nya Tider.

With some 175 blasts so far this year, Sweden appears firmly on its way to set a new morbid record.

“We are getting more and more areas in Sweden that are vulnerable and are dominated by organised crime and a widespread silence culture”, Henrik Häggström told Nya Tider, likely hinting at some 60 areas unofficially referred to as ghettos or no-go zones, as opposed to the official “vulnerable areas” term.

“When it is no longer just shootings, but bombs are also being used, third parties also experience an ever-increasing threat and security is being jeopardised. Then we approach a grey zone between peace and war”, he concluded.

Earlier in November, Häggström called the situation in Sweden “exceptionally difficult”, his country being an outlier not only in Europe, but internationally. He went so far as to suggest “going to Afghanistan” to find a similar situation…

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