Demonstration pilot Captain Brian Kilroy shows the right stuff

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by Cliff Kenyon

Captain Brian Kilroy can’t hide his enthusiasm telling you about the fun he had this summer.

And for good reason; he got to fly his favourite CF-18 Hornet every weekend in twists and turns as well as represent 4 Wing Cold Lake, Alberta, and the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) across the country and a stop in the U.S.

Captain Kilroy was this year’s CF-18 Hornet demonstration pilot, flying at air shows from June until late September.

Now back in Cold Lake and returning to his regular job as an instructor with 4 Wing 410 Tactical Fighter Operational Training Squadron, Captain Kilroy said it was a “great summer.”

Most of the flying at 4 Wing Cold Lake involves missions over the weapons range north of the city, but as the demonstration pilot for the summer, Captain Kilroy flew in several different locations.

The show season started in June in Val D’Or, Quebec. Before that, it required a couple of months of training and practice to perfect the performance.

Captain Kilroy said an air show requires different flying techniques, such as flying as low as 300 feet with large crowds of people near the airfield. And, as usual, safety is the top priority.

“It’s non-standard flying. It’s a very specialized type of training to ensure it’s a safe summer,” he said. “Your flying has to be tighter, crisper.”

The team also visited such communities as North Bay, Ontario, Boundary Bay, British Columbia,…

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