Ankara Can’t Rely on NATO, Needs to Go For Joint Production of S-400 With Russia – Turkish Observers


Russia and Turkey share common interests in the Eastern Mediterranean and need to increase cooperation and joint defence production in light of the growing sanctions pressure from the US and EU, say retired Turkish Air Force officer Mesuat Halli Casin and historian Mehmet Perincek.

On 18-19 November Turkey hosted an international conference eloquently titled “Changing Global Order: Blue Wars in the Eastern Mediterranean” amid growing tensions between Ankara and Washington over the S-400 deal and the latter’s reinvigorated backing of Greece and Cyprus.

Washington and Ankara have yet to resolve their debate over the delivery of the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II jets to Turkey since the latter acquired the S-400 Triumf, a Russian-made advanced anti-aircraft weapons system, from Moscow. Despite the Turks having invested about $1.5 billion in developing the F-35, the US removed Turkey from the F-35 programme in July 2019.

On 19 November, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated that Turkey is still determined to deploy the Russian-made air defence system while commenting on his talks with President Donald Trump last week.

‘Turkey, Russia Need to Boost Joint Defence Production’

Turkish historian Mehmet Perincek is insisting that Moscow and Ankara need to increase bilateral cooperation in the Eastern Mediterranean.

“Given the current sanction pressure from the West, Turkey and Russia are obliged to increase…

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