Bodyguards Foil Assassination Attempt on Iranian Supreme Leader’s Rep Amid Gas Tax Protests – Report

Middle East

Multiple Iranian cities were engulfed in violent protests starting Friday after the government raised fuel prices by 50 percent or more in a bid to deal with US sanctions pressure.

Security forces have foiled the attempted assassination of Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Nasseri-Yazdi, the local representative of Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in Yazd, central Iran on Monday, the Islamic Republic News Agency has reported.

According to the agency, multiple attackers armed with knives and bladed weapons attempted to enter Nasseri-Yazdi’s home, but were spotted by the Imam’s bodyguards, who detained four would-be assassins, with several other attackers managing to escape.

Along with the suspects, knives, a sword, and a stolen motorcycle were said to have been handed over to local authorities.

It’s not immediately clear whether the assassination attempt was connected to the ongoing protests and riots over the government’s decision to raise gasoline prices, although it was reported Sunday that some 40 people were arrested in the city of Yazd following clashes with police. Authorities said most of the detained individuals were not locals, and that they were arrested after carrying out acts of vandalism, instead of joining peaceful protests taking place in other areas of the city.

Iran’s government announced that it would raise the price of petrol by 50 percent for the first 60 litres, and 300 percent for anything…

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