Europeans Remain Divided Over Daesh Returnees as Turkey Launches Repatriation Campaign


Europe is currently expecting to receive several Daesh* fighters that were previously held in Turkey following their capture, with Ankara announcing this month that it would not act as “a hotel for foreign terrorists” anymore and would begin repatriating them to their states of origin.

Germany arrested a 21-year-old female Daesh suspect accused of being a member of terrorist group upon her return home on Friday, federal prosecutors confirmed. The news came following an announcement by Turkish authorities last week that they would begin repatriating foreign-born suspected Daesh fighters previously held in Turkish prison camps, regardless of whether their countries of origin would be willing to accept them.

Germany remains divided on the issue of whether the country should accept returnees, as Turkey is expected to send more alleged Daesh militants to Berlin in the next couple of days.

Berlin has so far not been very hesitant in accepting some alleged Daesh supporters, with authorities insisting that a recently returned German-Iraqi family that travelled to Syria about a year ago “did not take part in the fighting” and was not a “serious case”, according to interior policy spokesman for Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) Armin Schuster. But many opposition leaders, including deputy leader of the Free Democratic Party (FDP) Stephan Thomae, have accused Merkel’s government of procrastination…

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