EU Diplomats Quietly Support France’s Macron Over NATO ‘Brain Death’ Critique – Report


NATO leaders are expected to come together in London in early December, with the allies divided over diplomatic and economic issues such as trade, Syria and Iran. French President Emmanuel Macron has been Europe’s most prominent critic of the alliance, publicly hinting at its obsolescence just weeks before the summit.

Emmanuel Macron’s latest bout of anti-NATO rhetoric has sent waves throughout the EU and further across the Atlantic, and away from the cameras, the sentiment in Europe appears to be on Macron’s side.

Politico reports that “privately many European officials and diplomats said Macron was largely correct in his complaints.”

“The analysis is pretty much correct,” a Western European diplomat said on condition of anonymity. “It’s the wording that is clearly wrong.”

Another unnamed Western European diplomat was quoted as saying: “What happened in Syria is clear: two NATO countries didn’t bother to have any coordination. And he’s right, we cannot ignore this fact, but the part on Article 5 was wrong … simply a wrong message.”

France’s president last year openly flirted with the idea of a joint European army and has launched the French-led European Intervention Initiative outside the scope of NATO – this in addition to his reported push for more intra-EU military cooperation as opposed to dependence on NATO.

In a bombastic interview with the Economist published last week,…

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