War in Syria to End Once Terrorism Defeated, Not After Constitution Adopted – President Assad

Middle East

On 9 October, Turkey launched a military op in Syria to clear the border area of Daesh militants and Kurdish militia, which Ankara views as terrorists. After a series of ceasefire deals with the United States and Russia, the operation’s active phase ended. Damascus has condemned Turkey’s offensive as a violation of Syria’s sovereignty.

The war in Syria will end after the victory over terrorism rather than after the adoption of a new constitution for the country.

“Some are led to believe the settlement of the conflict depends on the work of the constitutional committee. The war in Syria did not start because of disagreements around the Constitution, the war in Syria began because terrorists killed military, police and civilians, as well as because they destroyed infrastructure. By virtue of this, the war will end when terrorism is defeated”, Assad said.

Assad also said the Syrian government and the people of the Syrian Arab Republic will in no way agree to a partition of the country.

The establishment of the constitutional committee, whose goal will be to secure a peaceful political settlement of the years-long conflict in the Middle Eastern country, was announced by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on 23 September.

Kurdish Issue

President Assad said that Damascus has kept in touch with Kurds throughout the conflict in Syria despite knowing of their close ties to Washington.

“I would like to make it…

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