Gaza Strikes: Mood in Israel’s Military May Prove ‘Grim’ for Palestinians – Former IDF General

Middle East

Parts of central and southern israel were hit early in the morning by rockets and mortar shells from the Gaza Strip in response to the killing of a senior jihadi commander by Israeli forces.

Security pundits warn that the recent launch of dozens of rockets into israel by Gazan militants may provoke a tough reaction from the Israeli military that could result in an escalation of the conflict.

Retired Brig. Gen. Meir Elran, a senior research fellow and head of three security programmes at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, notes that the possibility of a further escalation will likely depend on the scope and the damage of Tuesday’s attack.

“We have now received already dozens of rockets that have been launched against the Israeli population centres,” says Elran, who took part in peace talks with Egypt and Jordan and who occupied the second-highest position in the Military Intelligence service. “So far, luckily, no major damage and no fatalities.”

“The problem is that right now the IDF is not responding, but if something really serious happens, as far as civilians in Israel are concerned, then it might change and then we might find ourselves in a deteriorating escalation, whose outcome, of course, will be very hard to predict.”

“I think that the mood in Israel and also the political circumstances presently would lead to a very serious reaction of the part of the IDF, which would…

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