Polish Premier ‘Frustrated’ by French, EU Support for Nord Stream 2


Last month, Denmark, the final holdout refusing to allow the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline from being built through its Baltic Sea waters, granted its permission allowing the construction of a section of the pipeline along the Danish continental shelf, with Germany, the project’s main European supporter, welcoming the move as “good news.”

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has voiced his ‘frustration’ over his fellow European allies’ support for the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, suggesting that the money the pipeline will earn Moscow could fuel the “Russian bear’s” war machine.

“As some people bluntly say, Nord Stream 2 is paying with our European money for Russian weapons and Russian armour,” Morawiecki complained, speaking to the Financial Times in an interview.

Citing the involvement of major European companies including France’s ENGIE in the project, Morawiecki said it was “really frustrating” to Poland “when we see such a project having such support from key members states of the EU.”

In the interview, Morawiecki also responded to what he said were French President Emmanuel Macron’s “dangerous” claims that NATO had turned into a ‘braindead’ entity due to the lack of US leadership. According to the Polish prime minister, NATO remains “the most important alliance in the world when it comes to preserving freedom and peace,” and protects Poland and…

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