Brexit Party Backs ‘Nazi Vampire’ Candidate from Luftwaffe-Inspired Metal Band – Reports


Addressing the criticism directed at their candidate for the Brighton Kemptown seat, the Brexit Party stated that they’re happy to stand behind him, but probably not his taste in music.

As the UK general election looms on the horizon, the Brexit Party has recently voiced its support for one of their candidates who got called out over his membership of a heavy metal band inspired by the Luftwaffe – the aerial branch of the Nazi German military during World War II.

According to the Independent, the candidate in question, Dr Graham Cushway is an army veteran who also holds a doctorate in history, and who is also a guitarist for a band called Stuka Squadron which touts itself as “the greatest metal act consisting entirely of undead pilots of the Luftwaffe the world has ever seen” and “vampire warriors who have fought through the ages on innumerable battlefields.”

And as Cushway now vies for the Brighton Kemptown seat, his rival from the Labour Party named Lloyd Russell-Moyle has apparently targeted Graham’s band membership.

“Graham says to me that it was a parody but I don’t find it funny and I don’t think voters will either,” Lloyd said as quoted by Metro. “Yet again the Brexit Party selects someone with a dodgy past and he now should be considering his position.”

A UK-based advocacy group called Hope Not Hate also reportedly called the fact that the Brexit Party might consider a person who dresses as a “Nazi vampire” suitable for…

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