Watch Dozens of US Vehicles Slinking Out of Syria Toward Iraq Amid Trump’s Partial Pullout

Middle East

US forces evacuated their positions alongside Syrian Kurdish militia in northern Syria last month, shortly before Turkey started a military operation in the border area, but left several hundred troops behind in the war-torn country, with President Trump recently confirming that the US would be “keeping the oil.”

The Syrian Arab News Agency has published footage it says shows US military vehicles leaving Syrian territory and being transferred into Iraq at the Al Waleed border crossing point.

The video shows Humvees, military-grade Heavy Expanded Mobility tactical Trucks (HEMTTs), Toyota pickups and SUVs, and other equipment, including what appears to be construction equipment, being carried by civilian transport trucks, with the military vehicles covered by tarps.

According to SANA, the convoy included a total of 55 vehicles.

Syrian media reported that a column of US troops had crossed the border with Iraq last week, with a Pentagon official later confirming that the crossing had taken place, but refusing to discuss the details of the forces’ movement “for security reasons.”

Trump’s Partial Pullout

The US military pulled out some of its estimated 1,000 remaining troops from northern Syria last month, shortly before Turkey launched an invasion of the border area, ostensibly seeking to clear the Turkish-Syrian border of both Daesh (ISIS)* terrorists and Kurdish militia, whom Ankara also considers…

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