Overcoming Hostilities: Israeli Doctors Treat Gaza Residents

Middle East

Despite rockets, hostilities and high tensions between israel and Hamas, there are some who put differences aside, providing Gazans with medical help. Physicians for Human Rights does exactly that, vowing to treat everyone who seeks medical attention.

On Friday night at least ten rockets were launched from the Gaza Strip towards Israel’s southern communities. The Iron Dome Aerial Defence System managed to intercept and eliminate nine of them. One was a direct hit, striking a house in Sderot, a town that lies just a kilometre away from the Strip.

israel was quick to blame Hamas, an organisation that controls the Gaza Strip and that is considered terrorist by Israel, but Hamas refutes these allegations pointing the finger of blame towards rival group Islamic Jihad. 

For Mahmoud Saeed, a volunteer psychologist from Physicians for Human Rights, an NGO that was established in 1988 and provides the Gaza Strip with medical help, one thing is clear: more hostilities towards Israel will push the country to retaliate and that will mean more work for doctors like him.

Mission: to Help Gazans

“I’ve been doing this for twenty years already and all I want to do is to help others,” said Saeed, an Arab Israeli, who goes into Gaza once a month, leaving his clinic in northern Israel, in order to help patients in the Strip.

But he is not alone. Physicians for Human Rights has more than 3,500 members and volunteers – all of whom are…

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