How About Another Call to Ukraine? Trump Reveals What He Needs to Get the Better of Joe Biden


It was Donald Trump’s July phone call with his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky that prodded Democrats to launch an impeachment inquiry against the US President, a move decried by Trump as a political witch hunt.

In a speech at a GOP rally in Mississippi on Friday, US President Donald Trump targeted former Vice President and 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden, sarcastically saying that the only way to defend him is to turn to Ukraine.

“Let’s see, I’ve got a guy named Sleepy Joe Biden. How do I beat this guy? Gee, I guess there’s only one way. Let’s call up Ukraine for help,” Trump said.

Referring to allegations that Biden threatened to withhold $1bn of aid to Ukraine so as to protect his son Hunter’s business dealings there, Trump said that he was “impressed” with Biden’s alleged behaviour, saying, “I didn’t think he had the energy, the brain power.”

“Well, it turns out… he doesn’t. By the way, he’s dropping like a rock,” he added seconds later.

Dwelling on allegations of withholding military aid to Ukraine in return for a politically motivated investigation, Trump underscored said he would not do so, especially during a telephone call.

“Now I’m an honest person anyway, but do you think when I’m making a call to a newly elected president of a country that I would say something improper when I know so many people are listening on the line?” he said.

The remarks come a few days after Trump signalled…

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