Kurdish General Spills Details About Spy Who Allegedly Sold Out al-Baghdadi to US

The US president announced the elimination of the Daesh* leader on 27 October, saying that his identity had been confirmed via a DNA test. However, his body was never shown to any authorities and thus no other country could confirm his death. According to reports from Reuters, al-Baghdadi’s top aide gave key information that helped track him down.

An unnamed personal “security official” of Daesh* leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi passed information about the terrorist number one’s movements and safe houses to Kurdish militia, NBC News reported, citing Syrian Democratic Forces General Mazloum Abdi. According to Abdi, the spy in al-Baghdadi’s inner circle was responsible for “securing the places” where the Daesh* leader was hiding.

“Al-Baghdadi took his security precautions to the highest level. He never used high-tech communications at all. Any place he was in, was in a communications blackout, with exception of those who were directly responsible for his security”, the general said.

Abdi revealed that the “official” who betrayed al-Baghdadi did so out of a desire for revenge against both Daesh* and its leader after allegedly losing hope in the group’s “future”. The Kurdish general further said that the spy was present at the terrorist’s hideout when it was assaulted by US forces, and was subsequently evacuated from it.

Tough Road to the Operation

Mazloum Abdi stated that the spy was regularly providing the Kurdish militia with information that was later transmitted to the US….

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