Lebanon crisis: President asks Hariri to stay on as caretaker PM

Lebanon’s president has asked the cabinet to continue in a caretaker capacity, a day after PM Saad Hariri resigned in response to mass protests.

On Tuesday, Mr Hariri said he had reached a “dead end” and that a “shock” was needed to resolve the crisis.

The country has been paralysed for almost two weeks by protests demanding an end to corruption, an effective government, and economic reforms.

Blocked main roads were re-opened on Wednesday at the army’s request.

A statement from the Army Command said people had a right to protest peacefully, but “in public squares only”, and urged them to help get life back to normal.

Soldiers had to intervene on Tuesday after supporters of two Shia Muslim movements, Hezbollah and Amal, attacked a protest camp in the centre of Beirut.

Supporters of Shia parties attacked protesters and then PM Saad Hariri said he was resigning

In a televised address that came after the violence, Mr Hariri said he had submitted his resignation after trying for 13 days to “find a way out, to listen to the people’s voice and to protect the country from economic, security and social dangers”.

“Today, I will not hide it from you, I have reached a dead end. It is time for us to have a big shock to face the crisis,” he added.

There were cheers among the crowds of protesters in Beirut as the prime minister spoke. But his resignation did not meet their…

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