Korean-Canadian officer proud to be part of Imjin Hockey Classic

By Steven Fouchard, Army Public Affairs

Ottawa, Ontario — Captain Han Choi was just a boy in his native South Korea when he first heard the story of the Battle of Kapyong. Taking place over two days in April of 1951, it saw a battalion of 700 Canadians mount a successful defence against a Chinese force of 5000.

His parents would soon make the difficult choice to uproot and start a new life in Canada. Inspired equally by their courage and that of the Canadians at Kapyong, Capt Choi would later join the Canadian Army and realize his ambition to be a member of the Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI), one of the very units behind the victory at Kapyong.

That connection is why Capt Choi was invited to be the master of ceremonies at this year’s Imjin Hockey Classic in Ottawa – the annual recreation of a friendly hockey game between PPCLI and the Royal 22e Régiment played on the frozen Imjin River in 1952.

This year’s game took place Saturday, October 26. As he explains in the following interview, Capt Choi prefers to enjoy Canada’s game as a spectator rather than a player. Still, his story is as Canadian as they come.

The following interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Q1 Is the history of the original Imjin game something that your family were aware of? And in coming to Canada did hockey become part of your lives?

Our family didn’t really know anything about hockey until we came to Canada. I remember watching the Calgary Flames in…

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