Key Washington Ally Doesn’t Rule out ‘Recalibration’ Toward Russia, Iran

Middle East

The Iraqi president has expressed concerns over the US pullout from Syria, arguing the military victory over Daesh is great, but apparently incomplete, since there are still fears of another rise in terrorism in the region in light of Turkey’s now halted offensive.

In an interview with “Axios on HBO”, Iraqi President Barham Salih noted he continues to value his country’s alliance with the US, 16 years after the invasion of Iraq.

He made it clear that he is striving to keep that alliance intact, indicating though that the Trump administration’s policies are making it difficult to fulfil. ‘Recalibration’ and ‘Rethinking’ “The staying power of the United States is being questioned in a very, very serious way”, Salih said stressing that “the allies of the United States are worried about the dependability of the United States”.

According to Axios, Salih resorted to such suggestive words as “recalibrate” and “rethinking” to depict the way Iraq should view its relationship with the United States, noting at some point that “dependability is important” in allies. When asked if the US pullout from the Middle East could lead to a shift of attention toward Russia and Iran, Salih said he wouldn’t totally rule it out, the edition wrote.

“Of course, there are many actors in this neighbourhood”, Salih started off, continuing: “I’m not one of those, again, who goes and [says] to the Americans or the Russians,…

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