The Alleged Killing of Elusive Terror Leader al-Baghdadi: What We Know So Far

The head of Daesh, the outlawed terror group also known as ISIS/ISIL, has reportedly been killed; US troops targeted the spiritual leader in a special operations raid. Little is known about arguably the most feared terrorist leader since Osama bin Laden, who was reported dead or injured in different operations as often as the late al-Qaeda chief.

A man thought to be Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the shadowy Daesh leader and former self-styled “caliph”, died during an overnight US-led raid.

His demise was first reported by Newsweek, which cited a senior Pentagon source as saying that al-Baghdadi presumably killed himself by detonating a suicide vest in Barisha village in Idlib, a province in northwestern Syria.

A US official separately told the Associated Press on condition of anonymity late Saturday that al-Baghdadi was targeted in Idlib province.

An Iraqi intelligence source also confirmed the news, saying that Iraq played a “significant role” in the elimination of al-Baghdadi. Iraqi intelligence agencies allegedly provided exact coordinates of al-Baghdadi’s location to the US-led coalition in Syria.

The Daesh chief arrived at Barisha some 48 hours before the operation, a senior Turkish official said. US helicopters have reportedly dropped fighters in Idlib before fighting broke out with the jihadists.

US President Donald Trump cryptically tweeted on Saturday night: “Something very big has just happened!” He is expected to make a “major announcement” today at 9…

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