UK Foreign Secretary Says Licenses for Defence Exports to Turkey Will be Suspended Amid Syria Op

The Turkish offensive in northern Syria, which started on 9 October, has been condemned by the international community, with Syria calling it a violation of its territorial integrity.

UK Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has condemned Turkey’s operation in Syria, saying that “this is not the action that we expected from an ally”.

“The UK government takes its arms export control responsibilities very seriously and in this case, of course, we will keep our defence exports to Turkey under very careful and continual review”, Raab told Parliament.

He continued by saying that Turkey’s actions are “reckless, counterproductive and play straight into Russia’s hands”, adding that these actions have taken “focus away from overriding counter-terrorism goal of defeating Daesh”.

“No further export licences to Turkey for items that might be used in military operations in Syria will be granted while we conduct that review”, he stated.

The British foreign secretary also noted that now “we need the NATO more than ever” and “we need more than ever to have closer cooperation with the US and other allies over Turkey”.

“From the outset, the UK government has warned Turkey against taking this military action and, as we feared, it has seriously undermined the stability and the security of the region. It risks worsening the humanitarian crisis and increasing the suffering of millions of refugees. And it also undermines the international effort that should be focused on defeating Daesh … This is not…

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