Tehran Says Ready to Mediate Yemen War, Blasts US Efforts to Obstruct Improved Iranian-Saudi Ties

Tensions between the Gulf neighbours reached new highs in recent months after a string of drone and missile attacks targeting tankers and oil facilities. Last week, the US announced that it would be sending thousands of troops to Saudi Arabia in response to ‘Iranian aggression’ against Saudi oil infrastructure. Tehran has denied any involvement.

Iran is ready to work to improve relations with Saudi Arabia, and to mediate the long-running war in Yemen, but the United States is trying to hinder these efforts, Ali Larijani, speaker of Iran’s parliament, has said.

“If Saudis accept a diplomatic solution, Iran will adopt a mediatory role in the issue of Yemen; but of course, the US thinks that the era of milking Saudi Arabia is not yet over,” Larijani said, speaking with Bundestag vice president Claudia Roth on the sidelines of the Inter-Parliamentary Union conference in Belgrade, his remarks quoted by Mehr News.

According to Larijani, the US was largely responsible for the chaos which plagues the Middle East, including the poor relations between Tehran and Riyadh. “The US is the main reason for the dispute between Iran and Saudi Arabia,” he claimed.

Washington, Larijani alleged, was also responsible for the creation of the Daesh (ISIS)* terrorist organisation, with this effort said to have backfired on them. “They wanted to use [Daesh] as a tool for themselves, but they did not know they pay the price as well,” he said, without elaborating.

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