Turkey on Lindsey Graham’s Threats Over Syrian Incursion: ‘We Were in a Rush to Unleash Hell’

Lindsey Graham is attempting to stonewall Turkey’s military encroachment in northern Syria by pushing forward a bipartisan bill that would target Turkey with sanctions. Ankara says the operation was necessary to root out “terrorists” and help Syrian refugees return to their homes.

A Turkish government spokesman has rebuked US Senator Lindsey Graham over a tweet warning Ankara against launching an offensive in Syria.

Fahrettin Altun, the Turkish communications director, tweeted a response to Lindsey Graham on Wednesday, as Turkish forces entered Kurdish-controlled Syrian territory: “I heard that we may have ran a red light.”

“It was an emergency. We were in a rush to unleash hell on PKK and ISIS terrorists, who threatened our citizens.”

What Did Lindsey Graham Say?

Altun’s tweet came in response to Graham’s statement that Turkey did not “have a green light” to launch a military op in northern Syria. “There is massive bipartisan opposition in Congress, which you should see as a red line you should not cross,” the senator wrote.

Graham, a Republican and a key Trump ally, introduced a bipartisan motion on Wednesday alongside Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen that would slap energy- and military-related sanctions on Turkey if it didn’t withdraw its forces from the Kurdish-held areas in northern Syria or operated there without US consent.

On the same day, Turkish forces entered Syrian territory east of the Euphrates River, which is de facto controlled by…

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