Turkey-Based Association of Syrian Kurds Voices Support for Ankara’s Military Operation – Reports

Middle East

Turkish forces began pouring into northern Syria on Wednesday as part of ‘Operation Peace Spring’, a campaign Ankara says is aimed at clearing the border area of Kurdish militants and Daesh (ISIS)* terrorists and creating a security zone on the Syrian side of the border.

The Syrian Independent Kurdish Association, a group known for its opposition to the Syrian Democratic Forces coalition which enjoys de facto control of northern Syria, has expressed its support for the Turkish-led military operation against the group.

In a statement quoted by Anadolu Agency, the group noted that the “PKK [a Turkish-Kurdish militant group] and its extensions in Syria dragged not only Kurds but all sections in the region into a disaster.”

“To reach a safe-zone, which was a national demand of the Syrian revolution, and to get rid of the terrorist organisations in the region, we declare our support for Operation Peace Spring,” the statement added.

The group appealed to local residents in the region to stay in their homes, and to avoid areas where fighting was taking place. “Do not follow the provocative discourse spread by PKK/PYD,” the association urged.

Abdulaziz Tammo, the Turkey-based president of the Syrian Independent Kurdish Association, has repeatedly criticised the Syrian Democratic Forces Coalition, Syria’s Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the People’s Protection Units (YPG) in recent months, telling Turkish media…

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