Stop the World, I Want to Get Off!

But John McDonnell, who effectively could be running the treasury soon if Boris is deposed (God help us!), actively supported the eco fascists who carried out the attack.

I nearly crashed my ‘gas guzzler’ on the M1 when this Marxist misfit appeared on Jeremy Vine’s radio show and not only failed to condemn the attack but actually supported these extremists. Playing to the gallery. McDonald effectively said: well no one got killed or injured so it is a legitimate protest and that he supports direct action.

What an absolute tosh!

Look I support the right to protest and I support the fundamental right for a man or woman to withdraw their labour and strike but acts of pure vandalism must be condemned, especially by someone who wants to hold high office.

Driving a fire engine up Whitehall and spraying buildings red is and could have been interpreted as an act of terror and it is about time the coppers and the courts stopped treating these Eco warriors with kid gloves.

If they want to chain themselves to the railings outside Number 10, let them and don’t help to release them. If they want to super glue their bony vegan arses to pavements, let them and leave them there until they rot.

When they appear before the courts, throw the book at them as we would with a yobbo who urinates in a shop doorway.

Their acts including yesterday’s paint job are criminal and should be treated as such.

But they know nothing will happen to them and that is why the vandals yesterday just…

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