Make In India Bullet-Resistant Jackets Safer, Cheaper

The jackets are made using standard set by the Bureau of India Standard (BIS) notified in December 2018

New Delhi: 

Like United States, United Kingdom and Germany, India has also started making bulletproof jackets, said Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan adding that the domestic bullet-resistant jackets are safer, lighter, cheaper than any international manufacturing and are even being exported.

Mr Paswan on Friday showcased the bullet-resistant jackets being made under the “”Make in India”” initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The minister expressed happiness that India has now joined a select League of Nations such as the US, UK and Germany to have its own standard for bullet-resistant jackets.

The jackets have been made using the standard set by the Bureau of India Standard (BIS) notified in December 2018. This standard has been formulated following the directions of Niti Aayog and Ministry of Home Affairs.

The standard is expected to fulfill the long pending demand of Indian Armed Forces, Paramilitary Forces and State Police Forces and will assist them in streamlining their procurement process.

Addressing the media, Mr Paswan said that the standard that has been set by BIS is at par with International Standards.

“These jackets are lightweight weighing between 5 kilograms to 10 kilograms depending on the threat level and are of the best quality in the world,” he said.

Talking about the prices of the jackets he said, these jackets…

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