Khamenei Vows Iran Will Keep Reducing Nuclear Commitments Until it Reaches ‘Desired Result’

Middle East

Iran began reducing its observance of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) nuclear deal in May, citing the lack of progress from its other signatories on overcoming the crushing US sanctions placed on Tehran by Washington after the Trump administration unilaterally scrapped its commitments under the deal in 2018.

Iran will continue to reduce its commitments under the 2015 nuclear deal until it reaches the “desired result,” Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has announced.

“We will continue the reduction of commitments,” Khamenei said, speaking to commanders from Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards military formation on Wednesday. Khamenei promised that Tehran would reduce its JCPOA commitments “with utmost seriousness,” it was stated on Khamenei’s official website.

“The responsibility is with the Atomic Energy Organization and they must carry out the reductoin…in a precise, complete and comprehensive way and continue until the time we reach a desired result,” the leader said, according to Reuters.

The Iranian leader also commented on the “failure” of the US policy of “maximum pressure” against his country, which he said was aimed at forcing Iran to “surrender.” According to Khamenei, the US has not succeeded with its efforts to pressure Iran, and the policy will ultimately “fail.”

Khamenei also took aim at US military spending, suggesting that the Pentagon’s large budget has not contributed to the US’s ability…

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