UK Government Split Over US Demands to Take Back Jihadi Fighters and Families From Syria – Report

There are reportedly over 600 captured British Daesh* members and their families still being held in Syria, despite previous estimates putting that number at between 300 and 350. The United States wants to see them and their relatives returned to the UK.

The British leadership appears to be split over US demand to take back British citizens who had fought for terror groups in Syria and are being held there as captives.

It is understood that the number of British nationals detained and held in make-shift prisons by US-backed forces exceeds 600 – almost twice the number previously held.

According to The Sun, there was no consensus among cabinet ministers during a recent National Security Council meeting on what to do with the hundreds of detained UK nationals: while Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab is said to have supported the US demand, Home Secretary Priti Patel reportedly believes the fighters should be tried in Syria through a special system of tribunals and courts.

“A lot of these people are still very dangerous, and pose a national security risk to the United Kingdom,” a government source was quoted as saying. “What would we do with them if they all came back, and where would we put them? How much would all that cost? It would be very unpopular.”

“We cannot trust our de-radicalisation programme, which has had patchy results at best in the past.”

On the Way Home

The European Commission estimates that over 42,000 foreign fighters have travelled to join Daesh…

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