30 Killed In Rains, Rescue Operations Gain Momentum

Heavy rains, water discharge through sump houses caused water levels in Ganges to rise above danger mark


Death toll in the Bihar’s rain related disaster on Tuesday mounted to 30 even as relief and rescue operations gathered momentum with improved weather conditions and assistance commissioned by the Centre.

In Nawada district, about 110 kms from the city, bodies of two young men who were swept by strong current in a river two days ago were fished out by personnel involved in rescue operations Tuesday morning, official sources said.

Residents of marooned Patna localities like Hanuman Nagar, Rajendra Nagar and Kankar Bagh woke up to roars of Indian Air Force helicopters hovering in the sky with food and other relief material.

The citizens, forced to stay indoors for more than 48 hours, dashed to the roofs of their buildings and pulled off their shirts waving these at the choppers in a fervent bid to draw attention of IAF personnel towards their need for help.

They erupted in joy when packets dropped close to them but showed signs of dejection when these missed the intended spot and crashed into water-logged streets.

NDRF, which has been engaged in relief and rehabilitation since Sunday while the city was still being pounded by heavy rains, stepped up their efforts on Tuesday.

Commandant of NDRF 9th battalion Vijay Sinha said, “more than 200 of our personnel are involved in round the clock operations and we have rescued more than 3,000 people in the last three days,…

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