Who is Ashraf Ghani? The technocrat who sought to rebuild Afghanistan

Ashraf Ghani is a former technocrat who spent much of his career outside Afghanistan, before returning to help the country rebuild after years of war.

He came into office in 2014 seen as incorruptible and hands-on – too much so, some would say – but is also noted for his short temper.

However, five years later, with memories of the fraud allegations which mired the 2014 vote still fresh in Afghans’ minds, his reputation stands a little more tarnished.

Mr Ghani’s time in office has been marked by an uneasy alliance with his chief executive and main rival for the top job, Abdullah Abdullah.

A member of the country’s majority Pashtun community, Mr Ghani took office as most foreign troops were leaving in 2014.

But since then the Taliban have extended their presence, eroding Kabul’s writ across the country – undermining Mr Ghani’s authority.

He was shut out of peace talks between the US and the Taliban, before they were called off earlier this month. The militants regard his government as US puppets.

Mr Ghani has introduced some anti-corruption policies but little progress appears to have been made. Earlier in September, the US said it would withdraw about $100m (£80m) earmarked for an energy project, citing unacceptably high levels of corruption in the Afghan government.

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Ashraf Ghani first came to prominence in…

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