Former German Spy Chief Blames Merkel for ‘Massive Security Risk’ With 300,000 Unidentified Migrants


German Chancellor Angela Merkel has long been criticised for her ill-fated open-door refugee policy. The fallout from which has resulted in bitter political infighting within the government and a surge in support for right-wing parties both in Germany and across Europe.

Dr. August Hanning, the former director of Germany’s foreign intelligence service, told the Sunday Express on 15 September that Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to allow unfettered immigration had endangered the security situation in the federal republic.

Hanning, on a brief visit to the UK, criticised Merkel for generating a “security crisis” for Germany and the other member states of the European Union.

“We have seen the consequences of this decision in terms of German public opinion and internal security. We experience problems every day,” said Hanning.

“We have criminals, terrorist suspects and people who use multiple identities. Those who carried to the Berlin attacks used 12 different identities, adding that “While things are tighter today, we still have 300,000 people in Germany whose identities we cannot be sure of. That’s a massive security risk.”

Hanning, who oversaw the foreign intelligence agency between 1998-2005, said that Merkel was displaying political weakness as she gave conflicting responses to her own assessment of the fateful decision. At some point she claimed it wasn’t a mistake, while at other times she has pledged it would never happen…

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