Netanyahu Vows to Annex ‘Vital’ Parts of West Bank Beyond Jordan Valley If Elected – Report

Middle East

As part of his campaign pledge, the prime minister seeks to gain sovereign control over the Jordan Valley and Israeli settlements in the West Bank, but is now asserting that Israel’s annexation plans will not stop there.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed Sunday to annex “vital” parts of the West Bank beyond the Jordan Valley and the Israeli settlement blocs, if re-elected as prime minister on Tuesday, the Times of israel reported.

In his comments to Army Radio, he said his annexation plans are coordinated with the United States, adding that he is the only candidate who is capable of withstanding White House pressure.

“After immense diplomatic efforts, I am laying the groundwork toward recognizing Israeli sovereignty over the Jordan Valley as our eastern defensive wall, and after, over all the settlements and other vital areas, those in the (settlement) blocs and those outside,” Netanyahu said. “And all that, I want to do together with President Trump.”

The Prime Minister did not elaborate on what parts of the West Bank he is eyeing, but said that consecutive annexation is a process being pushed with the blessing of the Trump administration.

“This is a historic opportunity, because after the epic holding battle I led against pressures to return to the 67 lines, I am now turning the direction of our history,” Netanyahu declared. ” Instead of withdrawals, evacuations and concessions, we…

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