Alleged Photo of ‘New Hezbollah Anti-Ship Missile’ Surfaces Online as US Destroyer Docks in Beirut

The US Navy’s guided missile destroyer USS Ramage became the first US warship to dock at a Lebanese port in decades on Saturday, with the US Embassy calling the port visit a “security reminder” of the US Navy’s constant presence off the Mediterranean country’s coast amid boiling tensions between Hezbollah and the Israeli military.

A photo has appeared online purporting to show a ‘new’ anti-ship missile with the Hezbollah logo emblazoned on its front half.

According to @South_thaer, the Twitter user allegedly affiliated with Hezbollah who posted a picture of the missile, the weapon was capable of “destroying all military battleships of any kind, and annihilating all onboard.”

Although Hezbollah’s media wing has yet to make reference to the missile on its official accounts, the image was quickly spread on Israeli and Iranian media.

Furthermore, eagle-eyed social media users pointed out that the missile looked similar to a Chinese-developed YJ-83 subsonic anti-ship cruise missile. Along with China, that missile is thought to be operated by Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Myanmar, Pakistan and Yemen.

Others claimed this particular image was not new, with Hezbollah reportedly showing off the missile last month while showcasing the details of the militia group’s attack on an Israeli corvette during the 2006 Israeli-Hezbollah War.

The photo was released shortly after a US destroyer docked in the Lebanese capital over the weekend, becoming the first warship to…

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