Syrian rapper battles on all fronts in war-torn Idlib

Media captionAmir, a student, protests against air strikes and extremists in Syria’s Idlib province – by rapping.

Angered by the suffering of civilians in Syria’s war-torn province of Idlib, a young student there has come up with his own form of protest – rapping.

Twenty-year-old Amir from the opposition-held town of Maarat al-Numan rages against just about all those involved in the fighting.

President Bashar al-Assad, his Russian and Iranian allies, the extremist groups that dominate Idlib, and corrupt local officials all get a lyrical tongue-lashing from the riled rapper.

In the music video for his latest composition, On All Fronts, Amir strolls through the almost deserted, shattered streets of his hometown, fashionably clad from head to toe in black, spitting out the lyrics.

This is the playground of the Russian leader

Where you have to choose between the regime and al-Qaeda

Pick their side and you’ll be safe from their rockets

Now see if all that talk at Sochi could stop it

For the music videos of Western rappers the bullet-holed walls of a bombed-out school would have to be constructed on a set. But for Amir, these signs of devastation are all too real.

Yet why is he writing rap songs about it all, instead of staging more conventional protests?

“I have a passion for writing and rap especially, because I see…

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